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Our story

Made for Wanderers & Warriors

Born from a passion for history, mythology & nature 'Descended from Odin' make high quality contemporary clothing & products using only natural materials and never plastics. 

Just like our clothing, we are organic in nature. We only make things that we want to make and reflect our interests. From merino wool sweaters to leather foraging pouches; we select the best, organically grown, natural materials and design them for performance.  

Thanks to the latest technology in sustainable energy and AI driven product ordering systems, we’re able to take the best the modern world has to offer to keep Descended from Odin in line with the natural order of Midgard and honour the spirit of our ancestors. 

We chose Odin (or Odin chose us) to remind us of the great Anglo Saxon & Norse kings & leaders who fought against each other but forged our home country of England into the shape it takes today. We were inspired too by the legends of the Germanic tribes, such as the Long Beards who stood up to the might of Rome, and to great wandering adventurers who traveled ferocious seas to reach far flung lands of ice & fire. 

Odin or Woden, was a multi-faceted god, both a wanderer clad in a grey cloak (the inspiration in fact for Tolkien’s Gandalf) and a warrior king who rewarded his followers with gold and mead. In his oldest guise, he was the cult lord of frenzy, leading the dance of spears to wolf-headed men, preparing to raid. 

We hope to draw the mind to our own ancestral knowledge and gripping cultural stories in a world that is often disconnected from both history & nature.

At Descended from Odin you can discover the power of natural materials and powerful legends where all is made for wanderers & warriors.